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- Scientists Create First Atomic X-Ray Laser
- How Bees Are Harmed by Common Crop Pesticides
- Sturdy Scandinavian Conifers Survived Ice Age
- T-Rays Technology Could Help Develop Star Trek-Style Hand-Held Medical Scanners
- Generating Power from Salty Water: Unique Salt Allows Energy Production to Move Inland
- Entire Genome of Extinct Human Decoded from Fossil
- Sea Life 'Must Swim Faster to Survive' to Survive Climate Change
- Geoscientists Use Numerical Model to Better Forecast Forces Behind Earthquakes
- Daya Bay: Discovery of New Kind of Neutrino Transformation
- Nowhere to Hide: Tigers Threatened by Human Destruction of Groundcover
- Researchers Build Transparent, Super-Stretchy Skin-Like Sensor
- Elusive Higgs Boson May Nearly Be Cornered
- 'Zombie' Worms Found in Mediterranean Fossil
- Neuroscientists Boost Memory in Mice Using Genetics and a New Memory-Enhancing Drug
- Lifestyle of Naked Mole-Rats Holds Lifesaving Clues
- Sound Rather Than Sight Can Activate 'Seeing' for the Blind, Say Researchers
- NASA's Hubble Breaks New Ground With Distant Supernova Discovery
- First Spectroscopic Measurement of an Anti-Atom
- Astronomers Detect Vast Amounts of Gas and Dust Around Black Hole in Early Universe
- Hubble Zooms in On Double Nucleus in Andromeda Galaxy
- Significant Ozone Hole Remains Over Antarctica
- Just Another Pretty Face: New Insight Into Neural Basis of Prosopagnosia
- Ten-Second Dance of Electrons Is Step Toward Exotic New Computers
- Two New Extinct Camel Species Discovered at Panama Canal Excavation
- Scientists Produce Eye Structures from Human Blood-Derived Stem Cells
- Enzyme Boosts Metabolism, Prevents Weight Gain in Mice
- Declines in Caribbean Coral Reefs Pre-Date Damage Resulting from Climate Change
- 'Saber-Toothed Squirrel': First Known Mammalian Skull from Late Cretaceous in South America
- Global Sea Level Likely to Rise as Much as 70 Feet for Future Generations
- Paint-On Solar Cells Developed
- Some Corals Like It Hot: Heat Stress May Help Coral Reefs Survive Climate Change
- Simpler Times: Did an Earlier Genetic Molecule Predate DNA and RNA?
- New Horned Dinosaur Announced Nearly 100 Years After Discovery
- Neuron Memory Key to Taming Chronic Pain, New Research Suggests
- Genetics of Endangered African Monkey Suggest Troubles from Warming Climate
- Iridescent, Feathered Dinosaur Offers Fresh Evidence That Feathers Evolved to Attract Mates
- A Mitosis Mystery Solved: How Chromosomes Align Perfectly in a Dividing Cell
- Gene Therapy Boosts Brain Repair for Demyelinating Diseases
- In the Heart of Cygnus, NASA's Fermi Reveals a Cosmic-Ray Cocoon
- Space Weather: Explosions On Venus
- Unprecedented, Human-Made Trends in Ocean's Acidity
- NASA Study Solves Case of Earth's 'Missing Energy'
- Demise of Early Large Animals Caused by Both Humans and Climate Change
- Nanotrees Harvest the Sun's Energy to Turn Water Into Hydrogen Fuel
- Researchers Rewrite Textbook On Location of Brain's Speech Processing Center
- Genetic Signatures of Exceptional Longevity
- Extreme Summer Temperatures Occur More Frequently in U.S. Now, Analysis Shows
- Salty Soil Can Suck Water out of Atmosphere: Could It Happen On Mars?
- Land Animals, Ecosystems Walloped After Permian Dieoff
- New, Higher Estimates of Endangered Humpback Whales in the North Pacific
- Smell Is a Symphony: New Model for How the Brain Is Organized to Process Odor Information
- Bioluminescence: Explanation for Glowing Seas Suggested
- Chemists Synthesize Artificial Cell Membrane
- Microbes May Be Engineered to Help Trap Excess Carbon Dioxide Underground
- Molecular Graphene Heralds New Era of 'Designer Electrons'
- Was Human Evolution Caused by Climate Change?
- Girls' Verbal Skills Make Them Better at Arithmetic, Study Finds
- Highly Exposed to Phthalates as Fetuses, Female Mice Have Altered Reproductive Lives
- First Computer Model of How Buds Grow Into Leaves
- Solar Energy: New Sunflower-Inspired Pattern Increases Concentrated Solar Efficiency
- Ultracold Experiments Heat Up Quantum Research
- Computing Building Blocks Created from Bacteria and DNA
- Globular Clusters: Survivors of a 13-Billion-Year-Old Massacre
- Images Capture Split Personality of Dense Suspensions
- Fastest Wind from Stellar-Mass Black Hole
- Rare Animal-Shaped Mounds Discovered in Peru
- RNA Interference Cancer Treatment? Delivering RNA With Tiny Sponge-Like Spheres
- Climate Change May Bring Big Ecosystem Shifts, NASA Says
- Childhood Adversity Causes Changes in Genetics
- 'Ordinary' Black Hole Discovered 12 Million Light Years Away
- Red Meat Consumption Linked to Increased Risk of Total, Cardiovascular, and Cancer Mortality
- Scientists See 'Sloshing' Galaxy Cluster
- From Tropics to Poles: Study Reveals Diversity of Life in Soils
- Surprise Finding Redraws 'Map' of Blood Cell Production
- Brain Scans Support Findings That IQ Can Rise or Fall Significantly During Adolescence
- Stem Cells Can Repair a Damaged Cornea
- Clearest Picture Yet of Dark Matter Points the Way to Better Understanding of Dark Energy
- Sea Ice Drives Arctic Air Pollutants, NASA Finds
- T. Rex Has Most Powerful Bite of Any Terrestrial Animal Ever
- TapSense: Touchscreen Technology Distinguishes Taps by Parts of Finger
- Members of Small Monkey Groups More Likely to Fight for Their Group
- Remote Wilderness Polluted by Humans
- Nano Funnel Used to Generate Extreme Ultraviolet Light Pulses
- Surprising Molecular Switch: Lipids Help Control the Development of Cell Polarity
- Ancient Domesticated Dog Skull Found in Siberian Cave: 33,000 Years Old
- Preference for Fatty Foods May Have Genetic Roots
- Hubble Finds Quasars Acting as Gravitational Lenses
- NASA's Kepler Confirms Its First Planet in Habitable Zone Outside Our Solar System
- Brain Size May Determine Whether You Are Good at Keeping Friends
- Researchers Develop Gene Therapy That Could Correct a Common Form of Blindness
- How Genes Organize the Surface of the Brain
- Why Bad Immunity Genes Survive: Study Implicates Arms Race Between Genes and Germs
- Venice Hasn't Stopped Sinking After All
- Savanna Chimps Exhibit Human-Like Sharing Behavior, Anthropologists Say
- DNA Nanorobot Triggers Targeted Therapeutic Responses
- Ancient Depiction of Childbirth Discovered at Etruscan Site in Tuscany
- Lava Formations in Western U.S. Linked to Rip in Giant Slab of Earth
- Humans and Climate Contributed to Extinctions of Large Ice Age Mammals, New Study Finds
- A Battle of the Vampires, 20 Million Years Ago?
- How Star-Forming Galaxies Evolve Into 'Red and Dead' Elliptical Galaxies

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